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Fat for life

Author: Lydia Smith

Illustration: Chris Hollis


How is it that we can live in a society where a processed food giant (naming no names but rhymes with Hestlé) can be part of our solution to diet and lifestyle issues? Where they can have direct links with the Change For Life project that is at the forefront of the government’s approach to tackling obesity and encouraging healthy diet, exercise and not to mention (the forerunner for child and adult health) infant nutrition. So this company that makes its profit from marketing chocolate bars and infant formula is now part of the solution to our countries unhealthy lifestyles. Really…..

That is never ever ever ever ever ever ever going to work; it is like Benson & Hedges being part of the solution for smoking, or Smirnoff arranging the solution for alcoholism, or a Columbian drug baron having direct access to influence recovering cocaine addicts. Yes it is the same!

How did anyone ever think that this could work? Of course no one actually thought that it could work, I dispute the argument that people at those levels of power can be so fundamentally stupid. Stupid they are not, but open to bribery and an easy life, oh yes they definitely are. It is a shoe in, a quick fix, a price for their soul which the whole nation will pay for.

Of course these social solutions don’t work for the general population at all; they do however work for the big businesses that get unprecedented, direct and personal access to people who are in real need of genuine support.

But then this seems to be the current function of our governments; to facilitate big businesses to make even more money, with little or no regard for the individuals of this country, depending on how much they think they can get away with. And do not be fooled, if they think they can get away with it then they absolutely will.

We see it time and time and time again, they are exposed for the unmitigated corruption that they have been involved with, but then we have 20 enquiries and forget about the whole thing, leaving people open to the same abuses that they ever were.

There must be a solution – but the only way it can be tackled is by us, the consumer. Can we, together, take on these people and make the world a better place?

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