Introducing Murder & Glut, a creative space for readers and writers

Murder & Glut is a platform for new writing, whether you are a reader or wish to publish. MurderandGlut.com will unleash short stories, serials, poetry and articles.We are greedy for new writing which gets us in the guts and want to feature your original work.

We are inspired by deeds both heroic and dastardly, inverted tales of light and shade, grisly ghosts and heartbreakingly human love. Immerse us in whatever inspires you… a half-remembered scent, northern witticisms or southern gothic yarns. Where is the vice, where is the horror, where is the lurk?

There will even be rewards when we throw down ‘The Gauntlet’ to our readers on a regular basis, challenging them to write a two-sentence novel or perhaps fifty words on a theme chosen by the previous winner. Murder & Glut will be an inclusive affair, enabling us all to write freely, gain a readership and inspire others to pin down and pen that elusive paragraph. 

*copyright remains with the attributed authors unless otherwise stated. Content may not be reproduced in whole or in part without permission.

Please send submissions to: editor@murderandglut.com